More of This...

...Less of That


What you would like to see more of in the Synod:

Communion every Sunday every Service
Pastors who seek out Private Confession & Absolution
Pastors who catechize their flocks on the great benefit of Private Confession & Absolution
More chanting as found in the Altar Book
More prayer services (daily office) during the week
More home visitation
More organ, piano, cellos, trumpets, harps
More a Capella singing in church and at home
First communion offered to prepared catechumens when they are ready, not at 14 cause they're 14
Local WELS pastors getting to know their local LCMS counterparts
Pastors, not lay people, hitting the streets and neighborhoods knocking on doors
Above all, fathers praying with their children and wives at home every day
Actual confessionalism, actual unity, actual walking together
Historic liturgy and use of the lectionary

What would you like to less of in the Synod:

Illumines, Crosswalks, COREs, etc.
Evangelical books, speakers
Stop being afraid of being small or losing the young folks
Baby boomers
Pastors who aren't willing to consider denying communion to unprepared young people (and old people)
Staff ministers
"WELS" Evangelical rocking youth rallies
Pastors who won't read the Confessions and de facto don't hold onto them with a quia subscription
Contemporary songs
Churches that want to look like non denominationals