Website ideas...

Not to give away my best stuff, here, but this came across my desk this morning:

The intended audience is the set of churches whose Music Director needs cannot be filled through the channels established through mainline denominations (who usually require trained/certified church workers who are typically called and/or full-time). This is an alternative way to link non-denominational churches and musicians.

Now I wish these folks every success; the tone of discussion on "the Internet" is generally of the atheistic/pagan nature, so anything even remotely Church-related is a relief. This site attempts to provide a way for Music professionals to connect with work, so that's great news in many ways.

With that being said, I wonder what other kind of "connective" websites should be appearing. How about sites that:

  • Specialize in finding work for trained and/or classically oriented musicians?
  • Education/outreach to the amateur musicians out there (to "bring them into the fold" of professionalism)
  • Liturgical "refresher courses" for churches and musicians who seem to have forgotten the purpose of worship

Any other ideas? I wonder if I can find any venture capitalists willing to underwrite me!