The Universe and the Mind

Universe, human brain and Internet have similar structures

"The most frequent question that people may ask is whether the discovered asymptotic equivalence between complex networks and the universe could be a coincidence. Of course it could be, but the probability of such a coincidence is extremely low. Coincidences in physics are extremely rare, and almost never happen. There is always an explanation, which may be not immediately obvious," said Krioukov.

It may be fascinating (if not a bit creepy) to imagine that complex networks like the brain, the universe, and the internet all share a deep--if hidden--logic.

In case you're wondering about how this relates to Music, remember until the past century or so, most regarded Music as having deep connections to the physical world, and thus reflected an essential, ontological, and provable relationship to the God-made universe.

This deep logic (here being explored in physics and computer science) is similar to the same foundational principles found embedded in the structure of "serious" compositions. Conversely, this logic is consciously rejected by "popular" pieces.