The Addictive Internet

It seems ironic, yet appropriate, that I'd be writing this in a web browser. Check out the link below, comparing the Internet Industry to Big Tobacco:

So, I guess the message here, is "hang on," because if you thought our attention spans and logical abilities were a little shaky going into the 21st century (thanks to a steady diet of TV, VHS tapes, movies, and 3-minute pop tunes), get ready for a world where SMS texts aren't fast enough. From the article:

We do this because it is addictive--literally addictive. Each time there's a new email, our brains reward us with a hit-a dopamine high--which encourages repeat behaviour. Apparently, it's one of the ways in which we learn. As one behavioural psychologist put it, the internet creates "a dopamine-induced loop", giving us "almost instant gratification of our desire to seek".

It's amazing how wordy stuff looks on the Internet. "Copy," as its called, is always being truncated and edited to the bone. "Writing," as it used to be called, is probably on the way out, to be replaced with memes and soundbytes. Complicated ideas like "Rhetoric," or "Discourse," are loooong gone. In this world, who has time to comb through ancient Greek, pore over dictionaries, and dissect the subtle arguments of Doctrine?

I think I'm going to turn off the computer and read a book. I'd invite you to do the same!