The Reformation: Lost?

Just a Thought...

I attended a Reformation service a couple of weeks ago, and was dismayed to hear that the Pastor did not use the word "Reformation" once in the sermon. The sermon was fine, but I found it strange and disconcerting that the topic was never even hinted at, not even in the most roundabout way. Remember this was a dedicated "Reformation service."

After some armchair research, it would appear that the idea of rehashing the topic is somewhat passe, and my experience was not unique.

In fact, most Lutheran-themed periodicals/publications seem to soft-pedal or otherwise turn their backs on this all-important event in Church history.

At the center of the Reformation and our understanding of it there are critical, eternal issues that have not decreased in importance in the past 500 years. The remarkable clarity used by Luther and the Reformers to refocus our attention on the Gospel is a most precious treasure.

We ignore it at our individual and collective peril.