Music and the brain

Came across this today:

A pretty interesting article, indeed. Far too much to discuss here (in any depth), unfortunately--remember, this is the Internet! Keep it short!

I do think it's interesting that the article works so hard to connect biology and music. Music scholarship in the past fifty years seems to be moving toward defining the "language of music" as being significant only in how it references other musical structures (as in post-structural semiotics).

The idea that a biological connection exists has generally been discounted in academe. Biological connections imply that there is a type of "absolute value" or "absolute meaning" to certain types of musical structures that transcends or circumvents any externally opposed, cultural meanings.

If this holds, then the real surprise may be that certain genres of music may in fact have referential power above and beyond what we currently understand. Perhaps God wired our brains to value Music and to be affected by it in certain ways.

If I can push this farther, could this all suggest that some types of music will always be (in)appropriate for Church usage?