Social Media Is Making Us Stupid?

More Challenges

Believe me, I don't go looking for these articles. There are probably a lot more than the few I link to here.

My question to you, dear reader:

Could there be a connection between our society's increasing hostility to doctrine (a hostility, I assert, not based on careful study, but based instead on apathy and indifference) and our expanded embrace of mass media and Web content? Who wants to immerse themselves in the subtle but important study of God's Word, when there's so much else going on?

The important fact is that even that while we should be skeptical of any individual study or assertion along these lines, it is undeniable that there is a growing sense that our always-connected lifestyle isn't necessarily good for us.

Is "Relevant" Really What We Want?

If our surrounding culture is completely enamored with instant gratification and information overload, one should be very careful about how "relevant" we really want to be. The history contained in Scripture spans all of creation--thousands of years. Our comfort is based on a "big picture," which has, at its center, the person and work of Christ.

A society uninterested in such a "big picture" will always be uninterested in Scripture.