Memory and the Internet

Just stumbled across this yesterday.

For regular readers of this site, the central thesis here shouldn't be too much of a surprise: information overload and an entertainment culture are gradually eroding mental facilities we once thought were important.

The futurists will embrace the transition, but to what end? Nobody knows.

At one point, Music was a pretty rare thing. People's record collections were tiny by today's standards, and people would wear out records for having listened too frequently. With technology, though, Music gradually became an ubiquitous soundtrack to our lives (doctor's offices, dentist's chairs, shopping centers, car stereos, the walkman, iPod, etc).

Although the music is now everywhere, who's actually listening?

An even bigger risk of the "surrogate memory" discussed in this article is losing the Word. Why would we need to memorize Scripture, certain points of Doctrine, or even the creeds or Lord's Prayer? Can we not imagine a circumstance in life where it would be handy to have these things?