Losing Our Religion

This Sounds Crazy, But...

Surprise, surprise: "New research shows the Internet could be making Americans lose faith."


Correlation, of course, does not equal causation. Howevever, if some of the recent media prophets (e.g. Postman) were correct, there may be something to this.

The Internet and the Screen are not only new modes of disseminating information, but also form new modes of thinking.

Recent studies (see http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2013/02/20/study-watching-pornography-increases-support-for-adultery-and-same-sex-marriage/ ) suggest that repeated exposure to Internet pornography may be changing the way we view certain forms of sexual sins.

A compelling idea is that we first make our tools, then our tools make us. In a society driven by technology, the technology (and techniques) we use for creation (art, music, writing) will always be destined to influence what we're creating.