An Interesting Parallel

An Unfortunate (but unsurprising) Consistency

As you no doubt know (and possibly understand better than I), there are two contradictory approaches to evaluating the Holy Bible:

  • Historic view (Theocentric): The source of Scripture is the Triune God Himself.
  • Modern view (Anthropocentric or existential): Scripture is regarded as a human creation, entirely a product of its authors and the context in which it was written.

Offhand, I'd suggest the second perspective was relatively unknown until the enlightenment. It certainly was considered heretical in mainline Christianity until very recenty.

We see the same drift happening in our view of Music:

  • Historic view (Theocentric): Music is God-given, and the phyical/acoustic nature of Music has its origin in God's creation.
  • Modern view (Anthropocentric or existential): Music is a human creation, an arbitrary element of a given culture.

Clearly, the rejection of the authority of Scripture is a far greater offence than rejecting the authority of Music (capital "M"), but it is important to recognize that the mechanisms used to disassemble each are the same.

In both Theology and Music, we find the rationalistic impulse at work. In both cases, the result is unsurprising: disintegration.