1. The Te Deum, Part II

    Herr Gott, dich loben wir

    Today we'll take a moment to see how Bach uses Luther's of this hymn in one of his cantatas.

    The Te Deum Laudaumus is a solid exposition of God's grace, mercy, and power, placing our faith, hope, and trust, for salvation in ...

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  2. Jesus Sinners Doth Receive

    Words of Comfort

    In our family devotions this past week we've read about what it means to be truly penitent. As Joel writes, true repentance is not equal to our outard actions (torn garments) but rather through our inward disposition--a torn, contrite heart:

    Joel 2:

    2:12: Therefore also ...
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  3. The Role of the Choir

    A Word on the Historical Use of Choral Music

    The use of dedicated performers-that is to say, groups that are not part of the congregation proper, but rather, select groups of musicians, was once regarded differently than it is today.

    Historically, we've always avoided elevating the performing group to ...

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