Passe pop bands resurrected as Christian acts

This was sent to me today--a sendup of the CCM business:

Some choice quotes:

"That song showed how much Jesus loves me better than the Bible could," says Tamara Glidden, 31, tears coursing down her cheeks. "It was like hearing the gospel in the language of my heart."

"You haven't seen an altar call until you've seen it to REO Speedwagon's 'I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore,'" says Sam Durabian, 25, youth pastor at Second Baptist church in Boise, which hosted the band last year. "Rank sinners were down here bawling like babies."

...but most telling, even in the midst of the parody, there's a kernel of pure truth:

But some pastors wonder if the commitments are real or the result of nostalgic overload. "I don't really care--we just want them to say yes," says one pastor. "We'll worry about the depth of that commitment after the concert."

I forwarded it to a non-Christian friend, and I don't think he got the joke. We can assume this is because (like any good humor) it's pretty close to the truth--in this case, too close for comfort!

Most concerning is the fact that if one edited the article to exclude the specific groups (we all know .38 special isn't playing at churches in Wyoming, don't we?) you wouldn't be able to identify this as a sendup. This is what it's come to!

This type of "worship," values emotion and personal experience over the objective truths of God's Word. We've talked about that type of behavior before: