CCM from a different angle

Perusing Youtube this morning, I found a couple of interesting comments (for this video:

The first, was a response to a deleted (?) comment:

I grew up in the COG...I must say they gave up the greatest singing and worship in the world when they allowed CCM and rock music to take over. It truly sickens me.


I also agree with the previous post. It is sickening how the Church of God has gotten away from the real southern spirit filled choir music we grew up on just to accomodate the main stream. One large Church of God even got rid of thier grand piano and replaced it with an electronic keyboard so it would sound "modern" ...can you imagine?? How ridiculous! Church of God's need to get back to the ROOT of our worship becuase many people enjoy the music more than the preaching.

So it's probably safe to say that, musically speaking, there is resistance to the "CCM movement" from those accustomed to the African-American/Soul/Gospel tradition.

It would be an interesting exercise to compile the criticisms from traditional, European/mainstream/liturgical Protestant parishoners alongside commentary like this from the Southern/gospel folks and see how many points of intersection we find. Which complaints shared across denominations?

A quick guess:

Abandoning traditional styles and songs Instrumentation from pop/rock A "watering down" of intensity/seriousness A sense of being encroached upon by outsiders (a question of authenticity--who are these people?)

More to come...