1. The Role of the Choir

    A Word on the Historical Use of Choral Music

    The use of dedicated performers-that is to say, groups that are not part of the congregation proper, but rather, select groups of musicians, was once regarded differently than it is today.

    Historically, we've always avoided elevating the performing group to ...

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  2. Music and Christian Worship

    Six Thoughts on Church Music

    (This is from a handout I used in one of my Bible Studies)

    1. Remember that the center of gravity in Lutheran Worship is twofold: the Word as it is heard and preached -- and the Sacraments, the ways in which our physical nature is touched by ...
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  3. God's Gifts in the LIturgy

    Create in Me a Clean Heart

    Even a cursory exploration of the historic liturgy reveals how thoroughly our worship is infused with Scripture. The liturgy drips with Scriptural references everywhere, which is by design: as Christians, we believe faith is created through the operation of the Holy Spirit through Word ...

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